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Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy

DENTAL IMPLANT SURGICAL SEMINARS, LLC (“we”, “us” “our” or “DISS”) has a limited number of seats per class.  Once reservations start to get booked, we will incur expenses to ensure seat availability.  Accordingly, after you have registered for a course, we consider your registration to be a final and binding commitment on your part to attend.  If you should cancel for any reason, it would be extremely difficult for us to find a substitute at the last minute.  Accordingly, we have established the following policy for cancellations regardless of reasons.  In addition, when you sign up you will be given a copy of this policy or other agreements to sign:


1. Initial Payment.  Payment in full is due upon reservation of your seat (“Tuition”) or $1000 none refundible payment to secure your spot. Tuition does not include credit card processing fees, returned check or similar banking fees which are non- refundable.


2. Cancellation More than 30 Days Prior to Program Start Date. If you cancel for any reason before 30 calendar days prior to the program start date, 90% of the Tuition, is eligible for refund, or 100% of the Tuition is transferable to one of our subsequent programs.


3. Cancellation Within 30 Days of Program Start Date. If you cancel later than 30 calendar days prior to the program start date, the entire Tuition is non-refundable but will be credited towards one of our subsequent programs, or you may transfer said registration to another person.


4. Cancellation by Us.  We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events as necessary at any time, or, to reject applicants for any reason. In the event of cancellation, rejection or rescheduling by DISS for any reason and at any time, your Tuition or deposit (but not transportation costs or card processing fees previously assessed) will either be refunded in full or credited towards a future seminar or course based on your own choosing. In no event are we or our management, officers, employees or agents liable for any cancellation or change penalties or other incidental damages (e.g. lost profits, vacation time etc.) or losses assessed by any airline, transportation service or hotel (or similar hospitality service) as a result of course date changes or cancellation.


5. Travel and Transportation Costs; Not Reimbursable By DISS: Hotel accommodations plus meals during seminar days only for the participant are included in your Tuition.  However, travel costs/airline and other meals are not part of your Tuition.  We are not responsible for reimbursing customer travel costs, airline cancellation or rescheduling fees or similar costs regardless of who cancels. When purchasing flights or other transportation for our courses, you should have this policy in mind.


6. Implant Seminars;  Number of Implants Installed. Our Dental Implant seminars are highly technical and require significant logistical planning well in advance.  Our goal is to provide a learning experience whereby you will have the opportunity to observe, assist and perform up to 15 implants during your seminar (unless the seminar schedule or type requires otherwise).  However, there is no assurance that everyone will get to participate in a specific number or equal number of implants as every doctor and patient will have varying and unpredictable timing and medical needs.


7. Included With Program. Tuition includes your hotel, all meals during seminar days only, transportation to and from the airport and to and from the seminar location, university tuition costs, course syllabus, a technical training manual and educational articles and material.  All necessary surgical tools and apparatus will be provided for you.


8. Disputes; Governing Jurisdiction.  The laws of the State of New York apply to this agreement.  You and we agree that any and all disputes shall be tried exclusively in courts in the County of Queens, State of New York and federal courts in such area.  THE PARTIES HERETO WAIVE ANY TRIAL BY JURY.

We hope you are fully satisfied with our program and we welcome comments, suggestions or even ideas for future seminars or on how we can improve ours!


9. Publicity. Subject to the terms hereunder, the Participant hereby grants DISS a perpetual, nontransferable, worldwide license to use the Participant's name, photographs and any video footage or written testimonials on the DISS website and social media platforms, including but not limited to DISS Facebook page, YouTube channel and email marketing campaigns.

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