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Our Mission

The Dental Implant Surgical Seminar (DISS) helps general and restorative dentists expand their private practice into implant surgery. The seminar provides a thorough introduction to the basics of dental implant surgery and hands-on training in soft tissue management and anatomical structures.


DISS graduates can perform basic dental implant surgery, troubleshoot and conduct follow-ups after surgery. In their own office, for example, they can comfortably place implants next to natural teeth (at least in cases that don’t require aesthetic involvement). DISS graduates can provide general and restorative treatments to patients with a full upper-lower denture. Our graduates also thoroughly understand their armamentarium.


Our mission is to place general practitioners on a solid foundation at the start of their careers in dental implant treatments. DISS programs guide participants from basic surgery, all on X to sinus lift.

In this course with hands-on clinical experience, DISS participants will gain experience working on multiple implants. Successful completion of the DISS basic course creates a solid foundation for more advanced courses currently given on all on X with a combination of GBRs and sinus graft





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